The modern improvements in the field of dentistry have enabled leading dental researchers to develop Lumineers as an alternative method of cosmetic treatment. Over the years, dental practitioners have enabled millions of smiles through implementing Lumineers services to their lines of therapy. Choosing the option of Lumineers over other traditional methods of correcting tooth appearances, such as veneers, comes with several advantages and guarantees a faster treatment period. At Encino Dentist, you can receive excellent cosmetic dentistry services that include Lumineers placement. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a form of corrective treatment used to change the shape of your tooth. Its physical appearance is in a delicate layer of manufactured Cerinate Porcelain that is fitted onto your natural teeth to give a more appealing impression. The enamel is durable and will often last you a long time, up to twenty years. Your dentist shapes the Lumineers based on the shape of your natural teeth so that they do not give a forced fit or appear irregular to your jawline's natural teeth structure.

The individual design of each layer of Lumineers allows the coat to fit on tooth bridges and dental implant crowns as well. Therefore, you do not have to worry about pre-treatment to alter the placement of your crowns before providing the Lumineers.

The Use of Lumineers

Different patients may choose Lumineers to remedy varying tooth problems, often related to physical appearance. Since they serve to correct the aesthetics of your crowns, you may find it more suitable than orthodontic treatment that takes longer to bring you the desired results. Some of the conditions that Lumineers prevent are:

Teeth Discoloration

The porcelain layer has a pure white color that is adjustable to your preferred shade. If your teeth suffer from severe discoloration caused by chronic smoking, significant coffee intake, or red wine, you can choose to have them fitted with Lumineers to give brighter teeth. Moreover, the porcelain layer will protect your natural teeth from further damages that arise with a continuous intake of deeply colored foods and drinks.

Chipped Teeth

After a high impact accident that injures your teeth and causes them to chip, Lumineers come in handy by coating the natural structure of your chipped tooth and providing a fuller and more symmetrical crown shape. Also, your dentist can shape the Lumineers for a more natural appearance that does not expose the chipped tooth, to enhance the overall appearance. The adjustments are essential for restoring your brilliant smile, especially if the chipped tooth is at the front of the dental structure.

Spaced Teeth

Some patients also have smaller teeth than their jawlines, which warrants wide-tooth gaps in the dental structure. While there is nothing wrong with gapped teeth, they may cause discomfort by trapping food particles in between the spaces. Also, you could be more prone to periodontal diseases because the tooth gaps may harbor harmful microbes. Placing Lumineers to close the gaps will go a long way in preventing unnecessary discomfort, on top of improving the general appearance of your teeth.

Crooked and Misshapen Teeth

When your teeth suffer from severe acid deterioration, they may lose their natural shape and appear more crooked or misshaped. You may choose to have the entire tooth extracted, but placing Lumineers on the natural tooth is a more comfortable treatment method that offers a more extended service period than most tooth bridges or crowns. Moreover, you will receive faster results because the fitting process does not have as long as alternative solutions to crooked and misshapen teeth.

Preparing for Lumineers Treatment

Once you schedule an appointment with your dentist for the first time, he/she will take several measurements of your teeth structure and study models for the placement of the teeth crowns on your jaw bone. Typically, the dentist prepares a unique dental mold and then fits it onto your maxilla and mandibular jaw to take the teeth impressions. When the mold dries, it becomes a stone-hard study model of your mouth that helps the dentist have a point of reference when determining the measurements of your Lumineers.

Additionally, on your first consultation, we may recommend some preparatory procedures like cleaning the plaque around your gum lines. If you have severe tooth discoloration, we can perform a tooth whitening procedure that ensures your natural teeth are not covered in stains once we fit the Lumineers.

Lastly, about a day before your second appointment to fit the veneers, your dentist will use your study model to fit the Lumineers. The procedure is paramount because it helps us confirm that the measurements of your teeth align with the porcelain layer that makes up the Lumineers.

The Process of Fitting Lumineers

When you come in to get your Lumineers fitted onto the natural tooth crown, you should not expect a lengthy procedure, especially if you are only getting the Lumineers on a few teeth. Overall, the process is painless, as it only involves placing the layer of Cerinate Porcelain on your tooth. Therefore, you should not worry about any severe pain. However, you may experience slight discomfort as the dentist places the Lumineers and tries to adjust it to fit the tooth's shape.

The first step is to clean the teeth thoroughly, to ensure that your crown is free from any bacteria that may breed later and cause infections. We use our special cement-based cleaners to remove any hardened plaque and to ensure that no layer of unwanted particles remains on your teeth.

After rinsing your teeth several times, we fit a dental dam onto your mouth palate to prevent interference of the bonding gel and cement with your delicate palette tissue. Additionally, the dental barrier prevents your tongue from touching teeth as the procedure continues.

Your dentist will clean the Lumineers with a special porcelain conditioner to remove any small particles and germs that could interfere with the treatment. The cleaning process takes about half a minute to complete to ensure that the porcelain is free from any tiny debris or particles. Cleaning the Lumineers is hygienic because it prevents exposing your teeth to chemicals used in the solidification of the enamel. After the cleaning process, the Lumineers are rinsed and dried with air.

Since fitting Lumineers onto your crown is a process that involves individual tooth placement, your dentist needs to secure the porcelain pieces that are not in use and shield them from light, because they are delicate. Therefore, he/she should apply a Cerinate Prime Liquid that creates an extra layer on the Lumineers to protect them from the overbearing light in the room. The fluid protects the Lumineers from any accidental glare by the UV light machine that we use in your treatment.

Afterward, we apply several layers of special bonding liquid on the tooth surface and dry it off. The fluid serves to protect your crown from abrasion from the Lumineers by providing strong bonds that hold the porcelain firmly. Without several rounds of applying the bonding liquid, you could face constant movement of the Lumineers that will cause discomfort and difficulties in chewing and biting food. With the completion of liquid application, your teeth are now set to hold the Lumineers in place.

The next step is placing each Lumineers onto the crown. We use special tools to handle the porcelain and to fit it correctly on the crown. Since it is a delicate procedure, we recommend that you remain still, to ensure that there are no mishaps as the Lumineers land on the surface of the tooth. After placing the Lumineers on a tooth, a clean-up process around the tooth follows. The cleaning ensures that all the excess bonding gel or liquid, as well as any additional cement, used to seat the Lumineers does not remain on the gum line or teeth spaces.

However, the initial placement is not permanent, and we do not use thoroughly engaging bonding liquid to hold the Lumineers in place. The initial installation serves as a try-on process, in case you have any objections to the shape or color-shade of your Lumineers. Therefore, after fitting the porcelain on one or two teeth temporarily, your dentist will hand you a mirror to analyze the look of your Lumineers. If the shade of white is satisfactory, we proceed to reinforce the bonding liquid and secure the Lumineers in place. Conversely, if you prefer an adjustment to the shade of the porcelain to fit your natural teeth color, we can add a well-balanced compound gel that darkens or lightens the Lumineers to a shade of your preference. After you are satisfied with the results, we use UV light and secure the Lumineers in place.

When all the teeth are fitted with individual Porcelain Lumineers, your dentist will smoothen the porcelain surfaces and ensure they take on an excellent shape that has a natural appearance. The step concludes the fitting process, and you can enjoy a new smile afterward.

 It is important to note that each procedure is applied to one tooth at a time, to prevent the drying out of the bonding liquid. Therefore, you may undergo the same method on different teeth, which takes some time. However, the processes are vital and must be applied by the dentist systematically for optimum results.

Advantages of Lumineers Over Veneers

You may wonder why Lumineers are a better option than veneers, yet they serve the same purpose. Several advantages of Lumineers treatment give you a better experience than traditional veneers, based on their structure, cost, and mode of application.

Firstly, Lumineers are made of porcelain only, while veneers are made of extra composite resin and porcelain. The additional components in veneers give them a thicker structure that causes more discomfort as you get them fitted onto your crowns. On the other hand, the single ingredient used to produce Lumineers makes it thin and comfortable to wear, while still providing a durable cover on your crowns.

Choosing Lumineers also gives you the advantage of reversing your treatment if you decide to change your mode of cosmetic dentistry. The fitting process incorporates user-friendly bonding liquids that can dispatch from your tooth without causing severe damage to the crown. Traditional veneers offer a permanent option that prevents you from changing your treatment quickly, even when you suffer some discomfort of further complications.

Lastly, Lumineers will serve you for a long time, lasting for up to twenty years without any damage. Compared to veneers that only cover your teeth for eight to ten years, you get better value for your money and avoid unnecessary repair procedures.

The Cost of Lumineers

Getting Lumineers fixed on your teeth will cost a significant amount, but the benefits you get from the treatment are well worth it. Depending on preparatory procedures that are different for each person, Lumineers will cost you $800 to $2000. We acknowledge that you may require proper planning before deciding to proceed with the treatment. We will offer you a flexible payment schedule that reduces the financial pressure to complete your payments. Additionally, we are open to formulating a personalized payment plan for the same purpose.

Care Tips for Lumineers

After finally fixing the Lumineers on your teeth, you need to be aware of beneficial tips that will help maintain the quality of the porcelain and save you multiple trips to your clinic. Here is what you should practice after getting Lumineers fitted:

Stick to a Soft Food Diet for the First Few Days

Naturally, eating hard foods a few days or hours after the fitting procedure will hurt your teeth and weaken the bonds that hold the porcelain in place. We recommend going for soft food like mashed potatoes for the first two to three days after treatment to prevent unnecessary strain on your Lumineers.

Bite Your Food Gently

Even if you are following the soft food diet, making hard bites could cause accidental teeth collisions and dislodge the Lumineers. Take your time and be gentle when biting, to ensure you practice extra caution.

Avoid Deeply Colored Food and Drinks

If you got Lumineers to remedy tooth discoloration, going back to your old habits will do you more harm than good. Try to avoid food and drinks that will stain your Lumineers over time, like coffee and red wine. If you must have them, regulate yourself to smaller portions or make a habit of swishing some water/mouthwash after consuming the food or drinks.

Lastly, it is imperative to follow your daily brushing routine. We advise you to continue brushing at least twice a day and following up with flossing for top tier oral hygiene.

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Going for Lumineers is a recommended option for anyone looking to upgrade or fix his/her smile. While the treatment offers numerous advantages over traditional options like veneers, finding the best dentist to perform the fitting procedure is just as important. At Encino Dentist, we give exceptional treatment in a friendly ambiance that cares about your health first. Call us today at 818-650-0429.