Age is a significant risk factor for tooth discoloration, and it’s often worsened by habits like smoking and consuming things like wine, coffee, or tea. Almost everyone is susceptible to tooth discoloration. While there are several options for teeth whitening like toothpaste, OTC whitening strips, and trays, they might not be efficient. The results might be spotty, and the process can take up to two weeks for the outcome to be visible. The tooth whitening products out there are also insufficient, meaning you might not always achieve what you wanted.

If you prefer significant and immediate results when dealing with tooth discoloration, you should consider zoom. At the Encino Dentist, we provide our patients with zoom whitening, an innovative and transformative procedure for people who don’t enjoy their smiles or want to refresh their looks. Our dental practitioners will use this advanced technology to whiten your teeth at an average of eight or nine shades without major dental work.

Overview of Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom whitening is a decolorizing procedure that eases the staining or yellowing of the enamel and the beneath dentin using proprietary technology. You can choose an in-office or a take-home whitening system. The in-office option lightens the stains on your teeth at an average of eight shades in an hour. You can get this procedure performed even during lunch break, giving you ample time to enjoy your white teeth.

The take-home zoom option uses a whitening gel and whitens your teeth at a typical six shades rate in 3 nights. It’s possible to transform your appearance and smile over the weekend through this procedure. Zoom has been clinically proven to be more efficient than the standard trays. So, instead of wasting time and money on strips or paint-on gels which are not productive, you should consider zoom as a way of teeth whitening because of its effectiveness and immediate outcome.   

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

If you have gray or yellow teeth that force you to smile with your mouth covered, you will feel frustrated. However, it’s essential to know that many people are dealing with a similar problem. Regular brushing and flossing of teeth as per the dentist’s guidelines can help your teeth remain appealing, but for some people, observing oral hygiene is not enough to prevent tooth discoloration. Thankfully, with zoom teeth whitening, you will have a solution to your problem.

However, before considering the procedure, it’s critical to understand the cause of your tooth discoloration. Multiple things can make your teeth discolor. The most common cause of discoloration is aging, although consumption of staining substances like coffee, tea, and wine can exacerbate the situation. If you consume these substances too often, your teeth will begin to change color, and this could affect your self-esteem as you will be worried that people will notice the discolored teeth. Habits like tobacco smoking are also known to cause discoloration.

Poor dental hygiene, such as failing to brush and floss teeth often, is also a common cause of discoloration. Dentists encourage people to maintain oral hygiene because some diets cause cavities and stains. By observing oral hygiene, you remove plaque from teeth along with staining substances like tobacco or tea.

Medical conditions can also damage your enamel and dentin, causing discoloration. Enamel is the outer layer of your tooth, while dentin is what is beneath the teeth coating. If you undergo treatment that involves radio or chemotherapy, your teeth are likely to discolor because these procedures weaken the enamel making the dentin beneath it visible. Pregnant mothers can also pass on a disease called Dentinogenesis Imperfecta to their unborn child. When the child starts developing teeth, the disease causes the teeth to discolor.

Children below the age of 8 years using antibiotics like doxycycline are more susceptible to tooth discoloration.  Medication used to treat blood pressure can also cause tooth discoloration.

Trauma on the teeth can also cause discoloration, especially among children, because their teeth are still growing. When a tooth is injured during the development stage, it might never regain its natural look, mainly if the trauma causes bleeding inside the tooth. The bloodstain is permanent and can show through the enamel, and this affects overall appearance and smile.

If you look at the above causes of tooth discoloration, you will realize that most of them are preventable. All you need is to observe oral hygiene and avoid habits that increase the risk of discoloration.

The Process of Zoom Whitening    

Whether it’s your dietary habits, trauma, medical condition, or medication that causes your teeth to stain or discolor, it’s possible to get immediate and long-lasting results with zoom teeth whitening. The process takes at most one hour to complete, but preparations are required before the dentist schedules the treatment.

1. Preparing for Zoom

Although zoom teeth whitening is a procedure that takes a short period to perform, it is not a drive-thru experience. When you visit Encino Dentist for the first time, we will examine your teeth and gums to see if they are healthy for treatment. An initial examination will ensure the dentist knows the type of stain they are dealing with and whether zoom whitening will be the right treatment option. If your stain is caused by trauma or particular medications, zoom whitening will not help lighten the stains.

Before treatment, it’s recommended that you undergo teeth washing to get rid of the existing tartar, plaque, or other things that might hinder the results. In case you have a current dental condition like gum disease, tooth decay, or infection, the dentist performing the procedure must treat the underlying condition first before continuing with zoom teeth whitening. Once the dentist clears you for the treatment, you can schedule a date for the procedure.

2. How Zoom Works

One of the significant advantages of this advanced technology treatment called zoom is that a dentist performs it, and the results are visible within an hour. It is different from other teeth whitening procedures where your mistakes can hinder the outcome. When you walk into a dentist’s office for this treatment, you should expect the following:

  • The dentists will clean and polish your teeth to get rid of tartar or plaque buildup. Doing so is critical because it ensures the gel used is placed on a clean tooth surface.
  • The dentist then protects your lips and gums using a special lip cream that prevents bleach from getting into contact with these areas, hence causing irritation.
  • A retractor is then placed on your mouth to pull back the lips and expose the teeth further.
  • You will be asked to bite on and place your tongue on a cup.
  • The next step involves determining how white you want your teeth to be. Your dentist will use a shade guide for this process to determine the kind of white that will help you achieve the desired outcome. Having chosen how the teeth will look, the expert will take a picture and preserve it to compare it with the procedure’s results.
  • Gauze will be placed inside your mouth, and an apron will be used to cover your face. Take note that the dentist will take some time at this stage because of the need to ensure that your teeth are the only part exposed to the whitening solution.
  • The next step involves placing a protective solution on the teeth.
  • The whitening solution is then applied or evenly brushed on your teeth.
  • The zoom laser light will then be positioned over your mouth for fifteen minutes to activate the whitening gel. While this is happening, you will be watching or listening to music, as this will help you relax. This step will be repeated three to four times until we are sure that your teeth are as white as you expect them to be.

Take note that while the gel is applied and activated using a zoom light, the dentist will wait for 15 minutes to examine your teeth to ensure that they control how white your tooth becomes. Remember that there is no right shade of white, which means you are the only person determining the kind of white or smile that is perfect or attractive. For this reason, the dentist will take time to examine your teeth after each gel application to ensure the final shade of the teeth is what you were expecting from the beginning.

The whitening solution used in this process contains hydrogen peroxide, which is the ingredient that releases oxygen to the enamel and dentin, thus bleaching the discoloration or lightening stains. The process takes time, which is why dentists use zoom laser light to activate the gel and speed up the rate at which hydrogen peroxide produces oxygen to penetrate the enamel and dentin, making your teeth look whiter.

After the procedure, the dentist or technician performing the treatment will wipe away the bleaching solution remaining on your mouth. The protective barrier will also be removed, and your mouth rinsed, making the results visible. A finishing product will be applied on your teeth and an after-treatment picture taken to compare before and after photos to appreciate the difference.

Side Effects of Zoom Whitening

After the procedure, you might experience increased tooth sensitivity, but this can only last between 12 to 24 hours. The chemicals contained in the whitening gel are usually the cause of tooth sensitivity.

Besides, the zoom light or lamp used to activate the whitening solution contains heat and ultraviolet rays that might burn your oral cavities’ soft tissues. For this reason, dental practitioners use lip retractors and other protective gear to shield you from these effects. The best way to prevent these side effects is to ensure that a professional dental technician or a dentist supervises the treatment.

Dentists recommend brushing teeth using anti-sensitivity toothpaste within the first few weeks after treatment to care for the sensitivity. Fluoride may also be evenly applied on the teeth after the procedure for sensitivity reasons.  

Zoom Teeth Whitening Aftercare

Caring for the teeth after whitening is simple. All you need is to adhere to post-procedure instructions given by your dentist. Again, you should make good use of your dentist’s touch-up kit to experience the maximum benefits of your new look or smile.


Children aged 13 years or younger, pregnant or nursing women are discouraged from undergoing the treatment. For other persons, the doctor has to examine your teeth’ condition, and if you have an underlying condition, it will first be addressed before you can proceed with zoom. 

If you have crowns or cavities, zoom whitening might not work for you. If you need a crown or filling, you will need to whiten the teeth first and match the crowns’ color to your teeth’ new color. However, if you are unsure about anything concerning the procedure, consult with an Encino Dentist first to determine if you are a candidate.

Zoom Whitening Home Products

As mentioned earlier, you can opt for an in-office or take-home zoom system. In-office zoom is performed in a dental office and can take up to an hour to complete. However, for people who find it convenient to have the procedure at home, the take-home zoom system is the best. You can achieve similar results like those of a dentist, although it will take longer because you will need to apply the take-home whitening gel multiple times. For every application you make, you must wear the whitening solution for between 4 to 8 hours. After three nights of applying the gel, you can achieve six shades if you follow the dentist’s instructions.

Find a Zoom Whitening Dentist Near Me

If you are looking for an effective and convenient tooth whitening procedure in Encino, California, look no further. At Encino Dentist, we provide zoom whitening for patients with discolored or stained teeth. By choosing to whiten your teeth with our dental specialists, you are guaranteed a minimally invasive procedure with immediate results. Contact us today at 818-650-0429 for a zero-obligation consultation.